If you would like to purchase ducks they can call the office at 336-228-8815 or come by our office at 411 W. 5th St, Burlington 

Rubber Duck Dash For The Cash

Sunday, September 17, 2017 at 3:00 pm

At the Alamance County YMCA During the Carousel Festival

The bets are on... the ducks are in training camp... who will win the prize?

Join in the fun and help Alamance County Meals On Wheels at the same time!

The Rubber Duck Dash For The Cash is a fundraiser in which you adopt rubber ducks and race them to the finish line!

If one of your ducks crosses the finish line first, then you will win one of the winning duck prizes!

Of course, Meals On Wheels doesn't want to leave anybody out. So, if your duck doesn't cross the finish line first, then you still have a chance to win fabulous prizes... our random duck prizes will be selected from the remaining ducks.

It only takes one duck and one number. However, if you adopt more than one duck, then your chances go up!  If you do adopt more than one duck, you can keep the same number for all your ducks! Your duck number will be assigned to you once you have adopted your ducks. We know you don't want to miss this spectacular event, however, in case you do, please note you do not have to be present at the race to win! Your duck represents you!

$5.00 each Adopt A Duck!

Ducks are available for purchase at the park until 2:00 PM on Sunday!

Adopt a Duck for $5
Adopt 5 and get 1 FREE
Adopt 10 and get 3 FREE
Adopt 25 and get 9 FREE


Place the total number of ducks you want in the quantity. Your discount will be given at time of checkout. 


Example: If you want 5 ducks with 1 free, add 6 ducks to your cart. If you want 10 ducks with 3 free, put 13 in your cart.


Don't fret if you mess up with the quantity, Meals on Wheels will make sure you receive the correct number of ducks!





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